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3 charts that will make you a smarter investor in 5 minutes

Learning about investing can feel like reading from some giant, esoteric tome. The more you get into it, the more you realize that you need to learn new jargon and Greek letters and, where did I put my old TI-84 again? This article is not that. Instead, take a look at the following three charts. Each illustrates an important lesson that, if internalized, will hopefully make you a wiser investor.
The virtues of investing early
It can be hard (read: next to impossible) to know exactly when to put money in the market to maximize your returns. But if you’re a younger investor, the best time to invest was yesterday. And the second-best time is now. That’s because the key to growing your investments over the course of a lifetime is compound interest. And the best way to maximize compound interest is to let it do its work for as long as possible.



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