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BMEZ: 6% Yield Healthcare Fund And Alternatives

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With the rapid graying of the US and other industrialized nations, the Healthcare sector seems like it should be a good place to invest.
However, it hasn’t worked out that way over the past 10 years – the Healthcare sector has dramatically trailed the Tech-heavy S&P 500:
More recently, though, Mr. Market has been giving the Healthcare sector a shot in the arm – it’s up over 7%, 2nd only to the Tech sector:
How should you invest in the Healthcare sector? Do you have the time and expertise to research healthcare companies? If not, there are some funds available which do the heavy lifting for you.
BlackRock Health Sciences Term Trust (NYSE:BMEZ) is BlackRock’s 2nd CEF in the Life Sciences sub-sector – it launched in 2019.
BlackRock’s initial Healthcare CEF, BlackRock Health Sciences Trust (BME) was launched backed in 2005, and focuses on large cap Healthcare stocks.
Although both of these closed end funds (CEFs) share the same management team, their holdings are quite different, with BMEZ holding more



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