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Brookfield Infrastructure Stock: A Billionaire’s Blueprint For Wealth Creation (NYSE:BIP)

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This article was coproduced with Leo Nelissen.
When it comes to long-term investing, I love infrastructure.
I own three railroads covering Canada, all parts of the U.S., and Mexico.
I own Duke Energy (DUK), which is an electric utility company.
I have invested in Caterpillar (CAT), which provides equipment for infrastructure construction.
I own oil and gas companies and real estate stocks with storage portfolios. I also own Deere & Company (DE), which delivers the machines farmers require to produce food.
When looking at the holdings of the iShares Global Infrastructure ETF (IGF), we find that these are the biggest sectors:
iShares – IGF ETF
While none of these sectors are exciting compared to tech or growth investing, they come with a number of benefits, including that they allow investors to own critical parts of the (global) economy.
This is something mega entrepreneur Cornelius Vanderbilt understood.



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