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Credit Yankees GM Brian Cashman for saying what’s on his mind

When Brian Cashman decided to settle old family business the X-rated way Tuesday afternoon in the desert, he must have known his choice of words would jump off the page.
The Yankee GM served notebooks and cameras an expletive-filled buffet featuring phrases like:
“But I think we’re pretty f–king good, personally.”
“They’re just throwing ammunition and bulls–t.”
“Are there people that jumped off the bandwagon because we started to s–t down our leg…”
And that’s just part of the on-the-record bag of dirt Cashman dipped into during his hour-long unburdening.
In the aftermath, some in the media, mostly sports radio Gasbags, wondered if the organization would publicly distance itself from Cashman’s profane language and adversarial approach.
“A Yankee executive does not talk like that publicly…does not have that kind of mouth when the camera is rolling…The Yankee brand is very important to the people around the Yankees,” Michael Kay, the TV voice of the Bombers on YES, said on his ESPN-98.7 radio show. “You cannot tell me what Brian did yesterday is good for the Yankee brand.”
If that is the case, the Yankees brand is pretty weak. Its history shows the organization has withstood a lot worse, including George Steinbrenner receiving a lifetime ban (reduced to three years) from baseball in 1990 for paying a gambler, Howie Spira to spy on Dave Winfield.
If anything, the tirade Cashman directed at his, and the Yankees, critics showed the GM, on the job since 1998, is human. He has a heartbeat. After absorbing the criticisms, which is part of the job description, Cashman finally decided to push back with blunt-force language. He said exactly what was on his mind. Cashman can be long-winded but has a history of being direct. The public knows where he stands.
Contrast that to some other GMs and sports executives in town. Leon Rose, the Knicks president, refuses to speak to the independent media, aka Knicks beat writers. He will only go one-on-one in a Twinkie Munch with MSG Network microphones. MSG insiders say Rose is not comfortable talking to the media. That’s a flimsy excuse.
Look what’s happening with the Jets? Coach Robert Saleh recently took the Fifth when asked if he will bench Zach Wilson, leaving the perception that the head coach is not calling the shot on the QB situation. GM Joe Douglas could emerge to clear the air by speaking to the notebooks and cameras but remains behind closed doors, perhaps hiding under his desk.
NFL GMs like Douglas and the Giants Joe Schoen are “required” to be available at least twice on a yearly basis. So, with the Giants season in free-fall Schoen, if he so chooses, can leave all the talking to coach Brian Daboll who is fluent in the art of opening his mouth and saying absolutely nothing.
Unlike Cashman, they are not running straight into a media danger zone where your only “reward” is the chance to tell them how you really feel — at your own risk. The response will be micro-analysis of every offseason move the Yankees make. And if the Bombers get off slow in 2024, some of those words the GM used the other day in Arizona, will be used against him.
Over and over and over again.
This should not come as a surprise to Cashman. He knew what the ramifications could be for himself and the Yankees when he let that first F-Bomb fly.
Could Buck Showalter be headed back to television?
Industry sources say Showalter, who was jettisoned by the Mets at the end of last season, has been talking to Fox about a role on the network’s baseball coverage.
When he went behind the microphone before, whether it be with the YES Network or the MLB Network, Showalter proved to be creative and versatile. His unique insight plays well in both the studio and the broadcast booth.
If Showalter, who still wants to manage, goes down the TV road, it would be no surprise if YES looked to bring him back. YES president of production/programming, John J. Filippelli, spotted the TV value of Showalter many moons ago.
Ironically, the TV voice of the Yankees on YES, Michael Kay, has been campaigning on his 98.7 radio show for the Yankees to hire Showalter as Aaron Boone’s bench coach to replace Carlos Mendoza who replaced Showalter as Mets manager.
The more Aaron Rodgers continues to carry out his “routine” of throwing a football on the field before a Jets game, then going on Pat McAfee’s show the following Tuesday to offer a diagnosis, the less “experts” are apt to completely rule out a comeback this season for the quarterback.
Chris Carlin, the larger half of ESPN Radio’s team of Carlin and Joe (Fortenbaugh), is not in that camp.
“It [Rodgers playing for the Jets this season] is not happening,” Carlin said on the air. “By him going on the field and throwing, it seems like it is but it’s not.”
The Big Fella’s crystal ball must get better reception than the ones the rest of the football cognoscenti are using.
If he ever gets the urge to retire again, SiriusXM is providing Christopher (Mad Dog) Russo more ways to do it.
Last week, at an event so historic Howard Stern came out of hiding to attend, SXM introduced its new Streaming app, which will be available to subscribers beginning next month.
The new app will make it easier for subscribers to find content that matters most to them, whether it’s a favorite musical genre, or artist, or content related to a favorite team. The app will be accompanied by a new logo and a Streaming All Access Plan ($9.99 a month).
Pat McAfee, on ESPN, fills in gaps left by NFL game analysts. He’s been on a campaign to eliminate the fair catch rule on kickoffs. McAfee says the edict has hindered the overall performance of special team players. … On Fox, Mark Sanchez has a lot to say. So, it was surprising he didn’t have an opinion of the Giants lining up for the Tush Push against the Raiders last Sunday. Like was Sanchez concerned with Daniel Jones, coming off a neck injury, being shoved from behind by big dudes? … On JJ Redick’s recent podcast NBA commish Adam Silver took a shot at voices who analyze NBA games on TV, but said he had nothing to do with ESPN firing Jeff Van Gundy. “The league doesn’t have a say there,” Silver said. That doesn’t mean that through the years Silver did not express his opinion on JVG’s broadcast stylings, does it? … Brandon Tierney has signed a contract extension with WFAN.
* * *
It’s not every day when an aerospace engineer takes over for his new team at quarterback in an NFL game, with little preparation, and guides them to a palpitating comeback win. Time for the Vikings gift shop to put some Dobbs’ jerseys on the shelf.
For not announcing his retirement from the prediction business. One day before the 2023 NFL Draft, Simmons labeled quarterback C.J. Stroud, who is now shining with the Texans, a “bust” because he couldn’t find any quarterbacks with “initial names” who were any good. Lame.
What Nathaniel Hackett said: “Right now, I think all of us are trying to find out what we can do best and consistently.”
What Nathaniel Hackett meant to say: “Man, if there only was a miracle cure for Aaron Rodgers.”



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