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Mayor Adams calls on 50 Cent to ‘hit me up’ after rapper disses migrant credit cards

“Nightclub Mayor’’ Eric Adams is taking on 50 Cent over the rapper ripping the city’s $53 million migrant credit-card handout — telling Fitty on Monday to “hit me up’’ so he could personally explain his rationale.
The party-loving mayor said he wants to set the record straight after the Queens-born hip-hopper blasted his administration Saturday on Instagram over the city’s new pilot program, which is coughing up cash to some migrant families for food.
“First to Fitty, I have not had one birthday that I have not played his music,” Adams told reporters at a City Hall press conference after The Post asked him whether he’d reached out to the 48-year-old rap star since the post.
“So I told 50 Cent to hit me up,” said Hizzoner, whose aides later clarified that the mayor hasn’t contaced to the rapper.
“I would love to explain it to him so that he can go out and do another tweet of saying, ‘you know what, Eric is just a smart manager, and now we understand why he was elected by the people of the city of New York,’ ” Adams said.
“Maybe he’ll write a song about me,” the mayor quipped.
3 Mayor Eric Adams on Monday told 50 Cent to “hit me up” to talk after the rapper ripped the city’s $53 million plan to dole out pre-paid credit cards to migrants. James Messerschmidt
Fitty, whose birth name is Curtis James Jackson III, took to his Instagram stories Saturday to share a screenshot of The Post’s exclusive revealing details of the mayor’s latest migrant crisis plan.
“WTF mayor Adams call my phone, I don’t understand how this works somebody explain,” the rapper wrote. “Can’t explain this I’m stuck maybe TRUMP is the answer.”
Under the plan, the city will start dishing out the pre-loaded credit cards to families at the Roosevelt Hotel to use at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.
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The Immediate Response Card initiative will initially be offered to a group of 500 migrant families being put up in short-term hotel stays, replacing the current food service that is on offer there, according to City Hall.
“We need to dispel the rumor that we gave American Express cards to everyone you know, that is just not true,” Adams said Monday.
3 50 Cent took to Instagram on Saturday to share a screenshot of The Post’s exclusive story revealing details of the mayor’s latest migrant crisis plan. USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con
The mayor pointed to prior reports of huge food wastage at city-run migrant shelters and insisted the new plan would likely save the Big Apple $2 billion.
“We told everyone we have to find a cheaper way to distribute food,” Adams said.
“We have to recycle this money back into the local community,” he said. “Local businesses are going to benefit. It made no sense that food that we were delivering to people they didn’t want.”
The move comes after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday ripped Adams’ proposal as crazy.
“It sounds like insanity is behind it because it really is offensive, it may be the most reprehensible thing that I’ve seen take place over the past 48 hours,” said the Republican, who has sent busloads of migrants who’ve poured over the southern border to Gotham in the past year, to Fox Business.
“What’s going on in New York is outrageous, and Americans across the country are angry, not just about what’s going on in New York but the underlying cause for it, which is Joe Biden’s open border policies,” Abbott said.
The city has already been shelling out roughly $12 per meal to feed migrant families in the various hotel-turned-shelters.
3 The city’s new pilot program will cough up cash to migrant families for food. Stefano Giovannini
The amount on each card will vary depending on the size of the family and whether they have any income is coming in, according to the details of the new plan.
The initiative appears similar to the state’s current food stamp program — SNAP — which provides lower-income New Yorkers with a credit card to cover the cost of meals.



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