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Migrants’ prepaid credit cards for food and groceries: Letters

The Issue: Mayor Adams’ $53 million program to provide migrants with free prepaid credit cards.
Now Mayor Adams is giving prepaid credit cards to illegal migrants (“Land of the Free Lunch,” Feb. 3)?
All the taxpayers in New York should be annoyed. Yes, even the liberal ones.
There are homeless Americans on the streets of New York. These are legal Americans living on the streets, yet they receive nothing from the city. Because of the policies of the liberal left, our own citizens are hung out to dry once again.
Peter Vardakis
Morris City, NJ
Adams’ plan to give out $53 million in prepaid credit cards to illegal migrants is like former Mayor de Blasio’s plan to spend $1 billion on mental illness through ThriveNYC.
This plan is just a slush fund for Adams’ cronies. Different mayors, but the same corruption.
Mike Santavicca
Apparently the migrants at the Roosevelt Hotel do not like the food they’re being given, and so the city is rolling out a new prepaid debit card program.
New York says it can justify its new program. It calculated both savings and lower costs as a result of the prepaid cards.
But did the city calculate how many more additional migrants the program will attract to New York, and how much that will cost the city?
Dierdre Burgman
The word is probably out already: Come to New York and you can receive $1,000 a month.
Add to that all the other amenities, and our city has virtually become a piñata for migrants. Meanwhile, there are American seniors eating one meal a day and cutting their medications in half because their rents are too high.
Phil Serpico
As a lifelong resident, I am now ashamed to say that I am a New Yorker.
The city plans to give ungrateful and parasitic migrants free $1,000 prepaid credit cards. Free to them, but not to the taxpayers who have to pick up the tab.
And, to boot, our mayor is ready to play the race card when criticized for his open-arm welcome of lawbreaking migrants.
Not to worry — New Yorkers will just vote him back in. We get what we vote for.
Joseph Valente
Staten Island
The Issue: Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ relationship with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade.
Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and the special prosecutor she appointed, Nathan Wade, admitted in court filings Friday that they have had an ongoing “personal” relationship (“Let my Trump case carry on,” Feb. 3).
Willis said it wasn’t an issue in the Trump prosecution because they weren’t having the relationship at the time she appointed Wade to the position in November 2021.
She obviously doesn’t understand that a boss having a “personal” relationship with a subordinate is always a violation — and accepting expensive gifts and trips from the same very-well-paid subordinate can suggest a kickback scheme
Perhaps the Fulton County commissioners and Georgia’s state attorney general might want to look at the excessive pay that Willis gave to Wade and at the taxpayer money that went to Willis from Wade in the form of vacation trips.
Ed Buttimore
Cedar Grove, NJ
Since when is it a crime to challenge the results of an election?
I believe Democrats rigged the 2020 presidential election. Does that mean I should be prosecuted by Willis, who seemingly has committed real crimes like spending taxpayer dollars on herself and her lover
Mary Pizzi
East Hanover, NJ
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