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Homelife insuranceState attorney general's office awaits government response on signing life insurance Politics

State attorney general’s office awaits government response on signing life insurance Politics

State Attorney General Diana Salazar revealed during a job presentation that she is still awaiting a response from the Department of Labor regarding the agency’s rules for high-risk civil servants to sign life insurance. He replied that the recruitment was urgent.
His speech in the National Assembly began with the transfer case. He affirmed that he would not condone impunity. The case began with the murder of Leandro Norero, which revealed signs of a criminal structure linked to state units, which in turn were linked to drug trafficking.
He described the Metastasis case as “the largest anti-drug trafficking operation in the country”, involving more than 400 people across the country. A total of 75 raids were carried out and 31 people, including judicial administrators, were arrested, 7 of whom escaped from prison. leaked information and seized numerous weapons, ammunition, electronic devices, and more.
Diversion case: Leandro Norero admits to Daniel Salcedo that his own friends and people close to “JL” wanted to “squeeze” him into prison
Diana Salazar noted that the agency has generated 383,068 crime reports through the 912 prosecutor’s office and has 1,196 actively protected individuals nationwide.
Salazar made a reference to the administration and management of talent in the prosecutor’s office as he neared the end of a plenary session that lasted about an hour. “We are waiting for a statement from the Ministry of Labor on regulating the rules for contracting life insurance, which is not the current administration but the administration starting in 2019,” he said.
During that time, he said, he acted, worked hard, coordinated, persisted, begged, begged, and even said he had filed a report listing the details of the server that suffered a violent death. All of this is intended to increase awareness of executive branch mandates to hire and better protect officers. The point, he insists, is urgent.
“I know I feel uncomfortable with certain groups and certain sectors, uncomfortable with crime, but I remain steadfast in my faith and I know God’s timing is perfect. So no name calling, no lie can stop us Having worked so hard for the country. The highest authority of the prosecutor’s office said: “Those who have the truth have no reason to be afraid. “
Addressing members of parliament, he noted that Ecuador demands: “Let us all work in the same direction to rid this country of the cancer of corruption, drug trafficking and terrorism. Let us not let him down.”
Ensuring the normal functioning of the agency’s administrative units within the framework of managing and managing the procurement, contracting and provision of services, he guaranteed 100% implementation of the annual public procurement plan.
He highlighted international cooperation in the management of the Prosecutor’s Office in 2023 and took the opportunity to thank friendly countries that support the management of the institution and have confidence in it; special emphasis was placed on the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, which have strengthened the fight through free technical assistance The intensity of corruption and organized crime.
In the field of international criminal assistance, 377 requests have been completed, including 123 active requests and 254 passive requests, 32% of which involved crimes such as drug trafficking, money laundering, organized crime and sexual crimes.
He said that during the innovation process, 31 prosecutors’ offices were established, of which 25 were professional prosecutors’ offices and 6 were multifunctional prosecutors’ offices.
The work is difficult and demands not only the teams who risk their lives to provide justice and civil rights, but the needs of the entire country are countless; for this, he expressed the need to thank each and every one of those who served.
other officials
Congress heard statements from the heads of the electoral function, transparency and social control function, and judicial function, who presented the annual work report for 2023.
Mauricio Torres, head of the Office of the Auditor General, reported that the agency conducted 1,292 control actions nationwide, including management audits, public works audits, financial audits, and sworn asset declarations, tax haven declarations, asset contracting processes, services , special inspections in administrative and other aspects. Accounting, public infrastructure projects, talent composition, etc.
7,346 administrative or civil liability resolutions have been issued, amounting to approximately US$293 million worldwide. In addition, 301 reports indicating criminal liability were sent to the State Attorney General’s Office.
Diana Atamante, President of the National Electoral Commission, describing 2023 as “an unprecedented year for Ecuadorian democracy.” During the electoral process, the regional elections stood out, with more than 60,000 registered candidates; the election of members of the Council for Civic Participation and Social Control received 191 applications, of which 45 candidates were qualified; the referendum, the popular consultation in Seville Bosco, the Early elections in the first and second rounds; popular consultations on the Yasuni and Chocoandino National Parks; re-elections in the Diocese of Karakalli.
He stressed that the agency carries out exhaustive work to verify the legality of donations to political organizations and implements actions established jointly with UAFE, Sercop, the Judicial Council, the Internal Revenue Service, the Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Resources, the Corporate Supervision Authority and banking supervision.
Fernando Muñoz, president of the Court of Controversial Elections, reported that 360 cases were handled during the period, 341 of which had been resolved. 4.34% of pending cases correspond to those that are being substantiated in the normal course. He added that they had also resolved 100 of the 101 pending cases from previous years.
Alvaro Roman, Chairman of the Judiciary CommitteeEmphasizing that one of the main axes of the organization is the fight against corruption and organized crime, it has handled 1,218 cases and prosecuted crimes related to this.
He added that to strengthen institutional building, 296 training, continuing education, initial training and professional courses were held, with 219,822 judicial officers participating.
Finally, representing the Transparency and Control function, César Córdova He stressed that training and training programs specifically focusing on public ethics, public administration, internal control standards, transparency, integrity and prevention of corruption were implemented during this period, with 4,056 civil servants from the eight agencies that make up the FTCS participating in the training. (Yo)



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