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Homelife insuranceThree reasons seniors need life insurance, according to experts

Three reasons seniors need life insurance, according to experts

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A life insurance policy could be the perfect gift this holiday season. Getty Images
Everyone has that one friend or family member who’s particularly hard to shop for. They might be picky, have everything they need, or just be the king or queen of returns.
Whatever the reason, they require a little extra thought and creativity when it comes to the holidays.
If you’re stuck on your hard-to-buy-for loved one, a life insurance policy may be an outside-the-box gift to consider. Here’s how that works — and why you might want to do it.
Learn more about your life insurance policy options here.
How to give the gift of life insurance
There are three ways you can give life insurance to a loved one. First, you can purchase a policy for yourself and add them as a beneficiary. In this scenario, you would be the policyholder, and should you pass away, that loved one would receive the death benefits, which they could use for any purpose they wish.
You could also purchase a policy for both you and someone else simultaneously. This is called a



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